Global Denim | Colecciones | Generation Blue / Collection 2019 – 2020
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Although denim is not generational but timeless, it is currently being redefined by the new generations. Sustainability, Transparency, Circularity and Innovation are a result of this.

“Denim will remain timeless, precious and appreciated, but like all things in time it must evolve, and this is what Generation Blue is all about. Driving change with consciousness about preserving the beauty of denim heritage, but with qualities that will comply with what this new time and space requires.”

Generation Blue stands for the new wave that is shaping the fashion world and with it our beloved denim.


Our new collection includes new subcategory groups that derive from the need of newness, innovation, sustainability and circularity.


We will introduce Trublu, Bluefeel, Denimform, Superflex, Bodyworks and will enhance our Ecoloop group.

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